Don’t use any pregnancy termination pills

by stoppremature on September 3, 2011

In the third group, all patients received pregnancy termination pill and rated their health as good. Supplementation is not an abortion pill was required, hyperthermia reactions were observed. Duration of bleeding from the genital tract ranged from 3 to 6 days on average – 4.5 days. Complications in this group of young patients was observed. Next menstruation occurred after 24-26 days of pregnancy termination. Menstrual function among all the girls at once restored, the girls reported regular, painful menstruation, followed by a moderate amount of bleeding, duration of menstruation in the average of 4 days.
In the fourth group of teenage girls in only 50% of the rated their health as good. Almost all patients used analgesics means 2 or more times per day. Hyperthermic response was observed in one third of surveyed patients. Duration of spotting ranged from 4 to 8 days, averaging 6 days. Complications were recorded more often in comparison with the third group of young patients with acute endometritis – 12.5%, inflammation of the uterus – a 25% hemometra – 12.5%. One patient (12.5%) of the same group were diagnosed with the remnants of fetal eggs that required uterine curettage.
All patients diagnosed with complications get an abortion pill in the hospital.
In the fourth group of patients came through the next period 32-41 days, the girls reported painful menstruation, lasting from 4 to 7 days, profuse in volume of blood lost. Regular menses were restored within 3-4 months after the vacuum aspiration.
Thus, an analysis of the data indicates that the vacuum aspiration uterine as a method of abortion among adolescent girls is less traumatic surgery, but also require rehabilitation. Our research has shown that the use of integrated rehabilitation therapy with physical therapy, anti-inflammatory therapy with drugs ketoprofen and augmentin, as well as micro-and low-dose combined oral contraceptives (Novinet, Lindinet 30) will reduce the incidence of inflammatory complications, menstrual disorders after artificial termination of pregnancy and thus contribute to the preservation of reproductive health of adolescent girls.

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